Cali Colombia Whale Watching

Cali Whale Watching Tour – During few months once a year we have a special visit in the Pacific coast… The whales!

They choose the warmth of the Pacific Ocean for mating and giving birth to their calves. It´s something you have to see in your life, the whales are one of the most biggest animals in the world, their weight is aproximately of 40 tons and 18 meters long. You can see how their fins and their body comes out from the water.

Beaches, cliffs and bays are the natural places to see this beautiful show.

Whale Watching in the Pacific Coast

In the Colombian Pacific is the Uramba Bahía Málaga National Natural Park, this region is considered the wettest on the planet and the most biodiverse in Colombia. It has virgin jungles, paradisiacal beaches, exotic islands, waterfalls, estuaries, mangroves, puddles and natural freshwater pools.

This magical tour full of contrasts, spectacular sunsets and surrounded by an imposing tropical rain forest has a lot to offer you.

Live a different ecotourism experience enjoying the delicious gastronomy, its unforgettable landscapes and the incomparable kindness of its inhabitants.

What are we about?

We are committed to our core values, which includes preserving and protecting the natural environment in which we live, and taking the best possible care of it, so that we, and future generations can enjoy living in abundance.

Tourism in Cali and Valle del Cauca

Our tours are designed to allow you to enjoy your time visiting Valle del Cauca, and also to learn about the natural resources and local culture. We invite you to join us in the spirit of sustainability, and eco-tourism, and leave the places you visit even more clean and pristine than you found them.

Cali Whale Watching with Valley Adventours

  • Operates: Whale Season July to October
  • Starts at: 4:30am
  • Duration: 14 Hours
  • Cost (per person): $360.000 COP / $106 USD
  • Includes: Bilingual guide, Transportation, boat, breakfast, lunch, whale watching and medical insurance
  • Requirements: Bring sun screen, mosquito repellent, swimsuit, flip flops, hat, extra clothe, sun glasses

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