Silvia Indigenous Market

Living colors and traditions of the Guambiano culture.

Silvia Indigenous Market | Colombia is a country of indigenous roots. Unfortunately, during colonial times, these indigenous tribes were forced out of their land and into slavery. Today some seek isolation from the first colonized territories. Colombia embodies a country that protects indigenous rights dedicated to independent safeguards where 80 different cultures still prevail. Together they constitute more than 3% of the population of Colombia. They all preserve thousand-year-old traditions and consider Mother Earth as sacred. For them, the past, the present and the future would not be possible without her.

Indigenous Market Tour

During this tour you will explore the ancestral traditions of a millenary culture where soil and water coexist as sacred elements for the Misak also known as Guambianos. The MISAK inhabit a unique natural environment, which forms the basis of their economy and wisdom as represented in the colors of their clothing. With their agricultural products, they enrich the traditional farmers market, turning it into an exotic and colorful experience.

Local food, fruits, beverages, desserts, flowers, arts and textiles are part of this great indigenous market. Come enjoy and immerse yourself in the indigenous culture, the freshness of the climate, the friendliness of its people and the beautiful mountains – Find us as Silvia Indigenous Market of Valley Adventours.

Immerse yourself in the Colombian indigenous culture and live its traditions!

Local bilingual guide.
Native MISAK guide.
Transportation (one way) from your place of lodging (only in hotel area near the center).
Roundtrip transportation / Silvia – Guambía – Silvia.
Breakfast and lunch.
Walking tour of Silvia.

Visit the indigenous market.
rumba-cali Tasting of fruits in the farmers market.
Visit to the lookout points of the city, the Guambía reservation and the heart boulder.
rumba-cali Integration with indigenous craftsmen.
Medical insurance and assistance.

Tips (optional).
Additional services or consumptions not specified in the plan.
Transportation back to your place of lodging (the tour ends in the San Antonio neighborhood).

pasaporte Bring original passport or ID.
A group of minimum 5 people is required for this experience.
It is not necessary to buy all the places, since it is a group activity where travelers from other hotels will join. In case the minimum group is not completed, you will be notified by our agency to reschedule the tour.

Additional Information
The tour will not be canceled in case of bad weather, the objects you carry or use must be waterproof, consider bringing a waterproof bag to store the items you want to carry during the tour (cameras, cell phones, watches or documents).

zapatos icono Wear tennis shoes with a good sole and grip or hiking boots.

morral In a small backpack bring:

camiseta icono Pants and long-sleeves shirt.
Rain poncho or rain jacket and sweater.
gorra icono Cap, hat or umbrella.
protector solar Sunscreen.
repelente para mosquitos Mosquito repellent.
Botella de agu icono Bottle with water.

Starts: 6:00 / Duration 12 hours approx.

63 USD

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    Indigenous Market in Silvia Cauca

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