Discover Colombia through your palate.

Descubre Cali a través de tu paladar

Colombian cuisine is a fusion of food, practices and culinary traditions of the Spanish, African and Indigenous cultures that come together to give life to the criolla food.

Each region of Colombia has its unique climate and topography which brings culinary diversity to the country and gives live to a unique regional plate.

In our Gastronomic tour in Cali we will enjoy and explore this fusion, no matter your type of diet. We will visit the city food market Galería Alameda

Here, we will walk its more than 4.600 square meters, of aisles and stands, having the opportunity to try exotic fruits unique to Colombia from the exotic mangostino, the aphrodisiac chontaduro, until the traditional sugar cane juice freshly squeezed from the cane.

Local food, fruits, drinks, desserts with some local esoteric products from cultural beliefs, make this a full immersion in this urban tour.

 Immerse yourself in a gastronomical adventure through our local food.

Local bilingual guide.
Roundtrip transportation from your place of lodging.
Guia turismo Tour through the market square.

frutas Tasting of fruits, drinks and sweets typical of our region.
comida Food portion per person. (You will not share food from the same plate).

Tips (optional).
Additional transfers.

comida Additional food and drinks (Samples will be included; full meal or additional samples will be an additional cost).

pasaporte Bring original passport or ID.
A minimum group of 3 people is required for this experience.
It is not necessary to buy all the places, since it is a group activity where travelers from other hotels will join. In case the minimum group is not completed, you will be notified by our agency to reschedule the tour.

zapatos icono Wear comfortable walking shoes.
Botella de agu icono Bring a water bottle.

protector solar Sunscreen.
gorra icono Hat and umbrella.

Monday to Sunday
Starts: 10:00 am / duration 3 hours approx.


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Cali Street Food Tour

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