Cali Colombia Whale Watching

Come and live one of the most wonderful natural spectacles in the world.

Cali Colombia Whale Watching, Suddenly, the calm of the waters of the Colombian Pacific is disrupted when a 3-meter-wide fin repeatedly hits the surface. Mother and daughter play while the youngest learns how to maneuver her body with her giant fins since in 6 months, they will be indispensable as she will have to travel more than 12,000 km back to the Antarctic with her mother.

The Humpback Whale or Yubarta is the leading character of the Colombian Pacific from July to October. This is the time during which the whales come to have their calves, teach them how to survive and to procreate with a male adult.

Come and live this experience with our Cali Colombia Whale Watching Tour. Here, cliffs beaches and bays become natural settings to witness this unique spectacle of nature. The unbeatable conditions will give you the opportunity to enjoy how these beautiful mammals emerge from the bottom of the ocean to perform for their guests, flapping their fins and making jumps.  Enjoy the Pacific Region: predominantly jungle holding great biodiversity. Our coast is 1,300 kilometers in length, is one of the wettest regions of the planet. There are beautiful beaches far from the crowds where you can appreciate beautiful natural landscapes and unique sunsets.

Sighting of other species during the tour

Undoubtedly it’s the whale watching that is the main attraction for visitors during the tour, however the Colombian Pacific is so diverse and rich in fauna that allows visitors to observe other animal species such as the pelican, the bottlenose dolphin, the speckled dolphin, tuna and sea turtles, which accompany the Cali Colombia Whale Watching in this region.

Local bilingual guide.
Experienced whale watching native guide.
Roundtrip transportation from your place of lodging.
Breakfast, lunch and snack.

Maritime roundtrip transportation.
Maritime transportation for whale watching.
sol Free afternoon at the beach
Insurance and medical assistance.


Local bilingual guide.
Experienced whale watching native guide.
Roundtrip transportation from your place of lodging.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner from the first day.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner from the second day.

Lodging (accommodation according to the family group).
Maritime roundtrip transportation.
Maritime transportation for whale watching.
Waterfalls tour.
Afternoon at the beach.
Insurance and medical assistance.


Tips (optional).
Additional transfers.

Additional tours.
Additional food and drinks.

Boat tour to the mangrove and natural pool.
Experience with the bioluminescent plankton.
Route of the piangua.

pasaporte Bring original passport or ID.
A minimum group of 4 people is required for this experience.
It is not necessary to buy all the places, since it is a group activity where travelers from other hotels will join. In case the minimum group is not completed, you will be notified by our agency to reschedule the tour.

chanclas icono Wear comfortable walking shoes/flip-flops that can get wet.

In a small backpack

sun-cream Sunscreen.
repelente para mosquitos Mosquito repellent.
Botella de agu icono Water bottle.
camiseta icono Spare dry clothes.

sun-cream If you have a camera, cell phone or not water proof electronic devices, you should use a waterproof case to protect them from water.
The use of the life jacket is mandatory while you are in the boat.
You must bear in mind that the Colombian Pacific region is quite rainy and although this climatic situation influences on whale watching, the possibility of seeing them is very high.

Monday to Saturday
Start: 4:30 / duration 10 hours approx.

Sundays and holidays
Start: 4:30 / duration 12 hours approx.

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Cali Colombia Whale Watching

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